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Business branches come to Zawatu. This feature allows a page owner to add their business branch locations to their business page.

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A new feature has come to Zawatu: branches. Every entrepreneur/founder out there would love to see their business grow from a single operation to a multi-branch operation. If your business has multiple branches then "Congratulations". Zawatu now supports branches.

Why We Added This Feature

What we observed while running this platform in the past few months is that some people would create multiple business pages for each of their business' branches. I can tell you this is tedious. You'll need to remember several passwords for each of your business pages. To solve this we came up with this feature.

How Does It Work

First you have to sign up, or if you have an account here log in. If you do not have a business page you'll need to create one (or if you want to quickly set up your business page, account and profile at once you can use this form). Now assuming you have your business page up and ready, navigate to the "Branches" section via your dashboard. Here is where you can add & edit your business' branches.

By default, your business' headquarters' contact information is drawn from your business page's contacts. This ensures that if your business does not have a branch, potential leads will still see your main contacts as the headquarters. If you add branches to your account they are simply added to the list in additon to your headquarters contacts.

All branches are listed on each business page under the "Branches" section.

Get started by adding your business today to get potential clients visiting your premises from your Zawatu business page.

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